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JinGoo by DaqiConcept merges an ambient light and Bluetooth speaker into a beautiful and unique object. The award-winning design is the perfect blend of Eastern aesthetics and modern technology that delivers superb sensory quality. The name JinGoo in ancient Chinese literature is used to describe the sound of birds calling, while birds symbolize freedom and happiness. The elegant craftsmanship of this piece complements any interior style. Escape the fast pace of life by welcoming the elements of soothing light and sound into your home or workspace.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Fired in traditional kilns by the ceramic masters in the infamous Yingge district in Taiwan, the body of the bird is formed from precision-made molds. The luxurious finish is completed with a hand-painted process for the solid colors, or with an intricate technique called “ceramic decal” for the patterned birds. 

Distinctive wood grains accent the base of the design with fir wood on the white birdcages while walnut wood completes the black cages.

Watch the video to appreciate the detailed behind-the-scenes process in the making of The Phoenix.

Images from the factory illustrating the intricacy and attention to detail that goes into making the product. Most of the stages in the production process are still done by hand ensuring the integrity of each piece.