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Wireless Audio Light


JinGoo by DaqiConcept merges an ambient light and Bluetooth speaker into a beautiful and unique object. The award-winning design is the perfect blend of Eastern aesthetics and modern technology that delivers superb sensory quality. The name JinGoo in ancient Chinese literature is used to describe the sound of birds calling, while birds symbolise freedom and happiness. The elegant craftsmanship of this piece complements any interior style. Escape the fast-pace of life by welcoming the elements of soothing light and sound into your home or work space.


The collection is made of up eight different designs, each with its own distinct colour and story. The ceramic bird is available in a variety of solid colours and patterns, making it a versatile interior décor accessory. The exterior wire birdcage, offered in either black or white, features a spacious vertical design with a functional hook. The open design beautifully showcases the bird as the centrepiece while enabling superior sound quality. Beauty and functionality is expertly blended in this unique object of art.


JinGoo can be easily paired with any of your devices via Bluetooth. Its high-quality sound performance is facilitated by the smart integration of the tweeter and woofer drivers in the design.

The design features a mono 2-way speaker. The low frequency woofer speaker is positioned in the base structure and its sound waves are reflected by the ceramic tail of the bird. A wide stereo effect is created with the sound waves from the tweeter located in the bird’s body.

JinGoo uses rechargeable lithium batteries and energy-saving LED lamps, making it possible to enjoy up to 25 hours of music and light on a single charge. The design is therefore easily portable to enjoy from multiple rooms in your home or work space.

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