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The emergence of blooming flowers signals the arrival of spring. Vivid shades of white, pink, yellow, and red begin to adorn lush green foliage. Reminiscent of ancient gardens, our senses are intrigued by refreshing and woody scents that fill the air like nature’s poetry. The exotic, delicate fragrances are intoxicating as we enter the ORIENTAL GARDEN. 

You are invited to experience ORIENTAL GARDEN by DaqiConcept, a limited collection of hand-painted floral designs symbolizing Love and Hope. The delicate designs are elegant yet mysterious captivating your attention with their extraordinary beauty.

Jingoo Blooming Orchid Wireless Audio Light

Blooming Orchid

Traditionally orchids represented fertility, luxury, and wealth. They were given as gifts to friends, family members, and couples to wish them great fortune and prosperity. 

This design is available both in the Jingoo and Chirp variations.

Chirp Blooming Orchid Alarm Clock

Jingoo Golden Ginkgo Wireless Audio Light
Golden Ginkgo

The Ginkgo leaf is a symbol of longevity and hope. Its golden color and shape resembles an elaborate ancient fan – so beautiful and meaningful. 

This design is available both in the Jingoo and Chirp variations.

Chirp Golden Ginkgo Alarm Clock

Jingoo Grace Orchid Wireless Audio Light

Grace Orchid

The orchid is a symbol of love and uniqueness, evoking a sense of peace and happiness. Its delicate pink petals are as graceful and charming as a butterfly in full flight.

This design is only available in the Jingoo variation.

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