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The Jingoo collection is made of up eight different designs, each with its own distinct colour and story. The ceramic bird is available in a variety of solid colours and patterns, making it a versatile interior décor accessory. The exterior wire birdcage, offered in either black or white, features a spacious vertical design with a functional hook. The open design beautifully showcases the bird as the centerpiece while enabling superior sound quality. Beauty and functionality are expertly blended in this unique object of art.  

The Chirp collection is available in two variations: White Gold and Black Silver – both have an elegant white hand-crafted porcelain bird cover. Chirp White Gold has a white marble base with gold finishes while Chirp Black Silver has a black marble base with silver finishes. Each marble base will have a unique pattern due to the natural materials used. 


Limited edition collection

The emergence of blooming flowers signals the arrival of spring. Vivid shades of white, pink, yellow, and red begin to adorn lush green foliage. Reminiscent of ancient gardens, our senses are intrigued by refreshing and woody scents that fill the air like nature’s poetry. The exotic, delicate fragrances are intoxicating as we enter the ORIENTAL GARDEN.

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