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A unique alarm


CHIRP is a unique alarm clock that blends superior light and sound technology with traditional craftsmanship. Form meets function as CHIRP is not only a practical object but also adds a beautiful aesthetic to your bedroom interior. A welcome departure from the synthesized sounds from a mobile device or a regular alarm clock, CHIRP awakens you with gentle light and the blissful sounds of nature. Various sounds can be individually selected that range from birds singing, calming waves, even a crackling fire – all intended to de-stress and de-clutter the daily demands of urban living. Wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to start each new day.

DaqiConcept Chirp


Chirp is available in two variations: White Gold and Black Silver – both have an elegant white hand-crafted porcelain bird cover. Chirp White Gold has a white marble base with gold finishes while Chirp Black Silver has a black marble base with silver finishes. Each marble base will have a unique pattern due to the natural materials used. 

Chirp White Gold


Bird singing alarm clock

Wake-up light that steadily
brightens 20 minutes before the alarm sounds

Cuckoo clock – Tells the time with cuckoo sounds every hour and half-hour

One Touch sync via audio transmission that allows easy set up and extend sounds contents

Nature sounds player

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