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Wireless Audio Light

JinGoo by DaqiConcept merges an ambient light and Bluetooth speaker into a beautiful and unique object. The award-winning design is the perfect blend of Eastern aesthetics and modern technology that delivers superb sensory quality. The name JinGoo in ancient Chinese literature is used to describe the sound of birds calling, while birds symbolise freedom and happiness. The elegant craftsmanship of this piece complements any interior style. Escape the fast-pace of life by welcoming the elements of soothing light and sound into your home or work space.


A unique alarm clock

CHIRP is a unique alarm clock that blends superior light and sound technology with traditional craftsmanship. Form meets function as CHIRP is not only a practical object but also adds a beautiful aesthetic to your bedroom interior. A welcome departure from the synthesized sounds from a mobile device or a regular alarm clock, CHIRP awakens you with gentle light and the blissful sounds of nature. Various sounds can be individually selected that range from birds singing, calming waves, even a crackling fire – all intended to de-stress and de-clutter the daily demands of urban living. Wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to start each new day.


Decorative Lamp

BIRD captures your affection with its unique curved shape and organic design. The slightly forward-leaning position reminds us of a bird caring for its little ones. Perfect as an accessory in a bedroom, living room, or in your home office as an ambient desk lamp.

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